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Earl Hadden

Business Breakthrough Mentor

Earl has worked on methods and techniques for database design for large systems and evolved to analytics and information quality.  During that time, he read Reengineering the Corporation, one of the top management books of the last 50 years.  A key message that got his attention was “Don’t automate any process until it has been reengineered.”  It went on to talk about companies that “Paved the Cow Path”.  So Earl’s company added Process Improvement to its methods.  This soon overtook technology as the major offering of the company.

When Earl retired from corporate consulting, he and his wife Fran, moved back to his home state of North Carolina.  After several years of unsuccessful attempts to improve his golf game, Earl started the Small Business Success Project.  He applies lessons learned from starting and operating three small businesses (from “solopreneurs” to nearly companies with more than $7.5 million in sales) and methods from his corporate consulting experience to companies ranging from startups to $5 million in sales.

Liz Losey

Director, Marketing & Messaging

Born in Santa Monica California, Liz grew up in the Golden State and took advantage of the weather to enjoy the beach, the mountains, and everything in between.  Blessed to have traveled quite a bit growing up, her favorite places are Yosemite, Hawaii, Scotland, and Switzerland.

Liz’s business education began at the early age of six when her father, an internationally prominent business consultant, explained the laws of supply and demand over a pancake breakfast.  She went on to earn a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Loyola Marymount University where she was very involved in all aspects of college life, including some of her earliest networking as a member of Delta Sigma Pi International Business Fraternity, playing on the NCAA ranked water polo team, and singing in the renowned concert choir and touring in Boston and Carnegie Hall.

After such a diverse selection of interests kept her busy throughout college, Liz knew that she would be ill equipped to handle a 9-5 office job.  She pursued training in massage and has enjoyed a fulfilling practice.  In 2010, in an effort to diversify her income stream while still maintaining a flexible schedule, Liz went searching for an opportunity.  It had to be one that was established and has a recognizable name, could get me in front of large groups of people at once and promoted a product that would change people’s lives.  She found all that and more with the Pampered Chef.  Finding the most rewarding part of her Pampered Chef business was helping to train others to meet their goals, Liz became a founding partner of Money Mountain System with dad, Earl Hadden to help business owners create systems on their business for greater efficiency and productivity so that they can break through to the next level of success.

Liz is married to Jeffrey and they have a son, Justin who is 14 and a rescue pup named Nai’a. 

Janet Ickes

Finance Manager

Janet Ickes, Owner, Excel with Me Training & Consulting, enjoys helping growing, service based entrepreneurs effectively manage their cash flow and turn their revenue into profit. Janet’s passion to educate and empower those around shows through in her unique, practical training approach that inspires others to not just use a “system” but utilize that SYSTEM to save time, energy and money.

She has a varied background, courtesy of corporate America, that revolves around accounting and payroll functions over the past 20 plus years. Starting out in the Oil & Gas industry, her positions included Assistance Finance Manager and subsequently moving to Finance Manager.  During this time, she also had the opportunity to train accountants world-wide in the General Ledger and Reporting modules for the new rollout SAP platform for the company.

Then an opportunity presented itself in the Banking industry where she started off in the accounting department as a Senior Accountant, with a focus in Compensation and Benefits accounting and then was promoted to Assistance VP, Payroll Manager position. During this 11-year opportunity, she was able to not only grow in her accounting and payroll expertise by earning her Certified Payroll Practitioner Certification, but also was giving the opportunity to convert as well as train employees and managers when the bank converted their payroll, time and attendance, and human resources platforms during the Banks conversion From ADP to UltiPro.

Alongside of her corporate career, she inspires others to put their best face forward as a Mary Kay Consultant over the past 18 years and continues to do so.  After moving to NC, she now focuses on inspiring others through personalized training programs as she shares her varied technical knowledge and expertise.  Now she is honored to have teamed up with Money Mountain Systems to encourage Small Business’s to Build, Climb and Breakthrough to their next level.

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