Money Mountain Systems

Successful Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners: 

Would you like to take an extended vacation and know that your business is running like it should? Would you like to make progress in your business, instead of constantly putting out fires? Would you like to get back to the dreams that you had when you started your business?

We help business owners who have reached a plateau in their business to examine the 7 areas of their business and help them to establish more efficient systems to breakthrough to the next level.

Is your goal to grow your business so you can

  • Make more money?
  • Experience consistent results?
  • Take frequent or extended vacations while the business continues to run successfully?

As you grow, do you find it difficult to maintain

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction

Does your delivery capacity scale to larger customers? Is cashflow a challenge as your business grows?

Our clients who successfully transition from solopreneur/entrepreneur to second level businesses find that the key is SYSTEMS.

Essential SYSTEMS include

  • Planning and Control
  • Product Definition and Development or Acquisition
  • Tribe Building
  • Sales
  • Customer Experience
  • Team Building and Organization Development
  • Administration and Management

We provide turn-key SYSTEMS, customization, implementation and training for high performance businesses to help them grow their businesses.

Here are a few of the kinds of organizations we have worked with

Financial Advisor

I have known Earl for several years through networking groups and was aware of the success some of his clients had experienced. Over lunch, I was telling him that my business was very successful, but that it had hit the wall and wasn’t fun anymore. We discussed what had changed (mostly me!) and I asked, “why am I not working with you?” We agreed to meet for coffee the following week.
At that meeting, we talked about my personal goals, likes and dislikes and my values. We talked about short-term activities that could lead to achieving my goals and some systems that I might implement to get there. Through conversations, I developed my approach to growing my business. Earl and I “fine tuned” the approach and I went into execution mode. Earl became my coach as well as my accountability partner. Over the next year, my income increased 40% -- and I was having fun!

Construction, Renovation, Maintenance, and Repair

We were introduced to Earl and his Money Mountain Systems concepts through one of his other clients. Our first conversation covered a wide range of ideas and I felt that he really understood what I was trying to accomplish and what problems I was facing. Basically, I wasn’t making enough money to pay my bills that had built up over a few years and I was having trouble hiring and keeping good workers.
I was working long hours and not feeling I was making any progress.
Earl did some research and found that our prices were almost 40% below comparable companies across the state. We agreed to test new pricing to see what impact an increase would have (I was concerned that we would lose a lot of business with even a 15% increase). It turns out that demand continued to increase! We were able to pay off debt, maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and add staff. We were even able to take a much needed vacation.

Business Services

I heard Earl present his approach to business improvement at an event at the Carolina Club. His theme was that business owners spent as much as 80% of their time doing things that were not important in terms of their values and goals. I looked at how I was spending my time and realized he was talking to me. Our first meeting was more of an informal conversation about my goals (I didn’t really have any other than paying the bills) and my aspirations. We worked together to identify my Income Producing Activities (IPA’s) and put together a system to keep me on track to achieving them. We even developed a weekly scorecard that we reviewed to ensure I was doing the most important things. Following this system I have more than doubled my income and had the money to create a lot of memories with my family. By the way, when I stop following the system and keeping score, my performance slips – and so does my income.

Some of our clients

About us

We provide turn-key SYSTEMS, customization, implementation and training for high performance businesses to help them grow their businesses.

Our mission

Our goal is for your business to make more money, experience consistent results, and take frequent or extended vacations while your business continues to run successfully.

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Life goes on….and business does too.  

At this moment we are filled with so much uncertainty, and so many thing out of our control.
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  • Struggle with knowing which activities will have the most impact on your bottom line
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